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Knott (Germany)


Gelcoat, all RAL colors


Two sliding glass window opening


Stainless steel - 3 mm


Outside and inside - fiberglass with insulation 50mm


In compliance with road requirements


EU Only

ISO 9001:2015

Premium Quality


Trailer is ready for registration

Futuristo Max


External dimensions:
Trailer length 8200 mm
Trailer length with towbar 9500mm
Width 2480mm
Height from ground 3000mm

Inner dimensions:
Trailer length 8000mm
Trailer width 2250mm
Height from floor 2200mm

Trailer weight without equipment: 1900 kg

Chassis – metal 2mm, 3mm
Axle – Knott, load capacity 1800 kg – 2 pc. Knott roll-on trailer hitch Knott torsion brake system

Window: sliding aluminum frame with one glass, white color – 3 pc. They are closed with anti-vandal covers with shock absorbers and locks from the inside.

Walls: External wall material – fiber glass with Gelcoat coating, thickness 5mm
Internal wall material – fiberglass with Gelcoat coating, thickness 3mm
Insulation 50mm – stone wool

Floor: Base - moisture-resistant plywood laminated on both sides - 16mm

Ladder: Retractable

All external elements: hinges, handle, locks are made of stainless material

For connection to communications, a special compartment is provided in the trailer design

Electricity: Input socket 220/380V, internal wiring, electrical panel. 8 sockets, external and internal light switches.
Lighting: External – moisture-resistant LED strip around the perimeter, one color or RGB. There are 2 LED lamps installed on the window covers
Internal: LED lamps – 8 pcs., or 2 LED strips

Water: Inlet for quick-release system, water supply to the sink. Sewerage: from the sink there is an outlet for connecting to the sewer system

- installation of a tank with a pump for clean water 100 l and instantaneous water heater, a tank for dirty water 100 l under the sink
- Stainless steel hemispherical table
- Stainless steel hemispherical table with double sink, instantaneous water heater, faucets
- Hood 2000mm, motor power 2300 m3/h, with LED backlight
- Shelf above the window 6000mm
- Warm floors in the work area
- Air conditioner
- Box for gas cylinders integrated into the trailer design
- Wheel caps in the color of the trailer